My Beauty Diary Hoshiyuri Illuminating Face Mask 3 pcs

Brand from Taiwan: My Beauty Diary. The sea lily, a seaside plant native to Greece, has a mysterious energy. It is said to have a melanin suppressing effect superior to arbutin tranexamic acid. Like a pure white flower that continues to bloom even on a dry sandy beach while being exposed to the sunlight breeze. It keeps skin moisturized radiant, leading to clear skin. How to use: Take mask out of bag spread it with without plastic sheet in close


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BBM JAPAN Royal Beach Nail Foundation Color Change Coat 8ml 3 Types

Brand from Japan: BBM JAPAN. Japan's original dimming ingredients are added to the foundation nails. It produce natural beautiful Finishes with an elegant luster. While covering complexion unevenness. The color changes vividly so that flowers will bloom when exposed to sun. How to use: Apply an appropriate amount to your included brush.


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Phymongshe Beach Flower Melting Salt 500g

Brand from South Korea: Phymongshe. Benefits: 100% natural body scrub packed with fine sea salt gently buffs away dead skin cells, smoothing texture. Contains nourishing Shea Butter that leaves your softened, protected without stripping. How to use: 1. Massage onto dry skin, concentrating on rough areas such as elbows, knees, feet thighs. 2. Add some water to melt the formula property. 2. Rinse thoroughly tepid water. Apply lotion if needed.


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