Chantilly - Sweets Sweets Eyebrow Wax 04 Purple Brown 1 pc

Brand from Japan: Chantilly. For thick eyebrows like the real thing. Powder IN wax that straightens hair flow. Complete eyebrow makeup with this one. Natural finish like your own eyebrows: Softer than a pencil, sharper than powder, and blends into the skin like your own eyebrows. It fills in the areas where the hair is lacking, so the eyebrows don't fall flat and give a natural depth finish. Long lasting finish: With a waterproof formula that is resistant to sweat, sebum, and water, it keeps your makeup fresh! It is also resistant to rubbing! Easy without technique: The moment you put it on your eyebrows, it changes to a powdery texture. Simply apply to blur the contours of your eyebrows for natural three-dimensional eyebrows. It is convenient to carry around as it can be completed with this one from the eyebrow to the eyebrow. Discerning brush: A firm brush that allows you to draw while adjusting the hair flow. Depending on the angle, you can freely draw thick or thin. Also recommended for men. How to use: Fill in the gaps between the hairs and adhere the color with wax. Adjust the hair flow with the wax left on the brush. You can create three-dimensional eyebrows with more depth by layering the powder you have on hand.

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